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All kinds of Wires
Wires used for Wire Mesh
Electric Resistance Alloy Wires
Wire Mesh
Woven Wire Cloth
Welded Wire Mesh
Expanded Metal
Perforated Metal
Polyester and Nylon Bolting Cloth
Variety of Filters & Strainers
Intensive processing products
Bounding Screen Packs
Injector Filter
Filter Bag Air Filter
Oil Filter Fuel Filter
Filter Accessories
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Quality products. Competitive prices. Exceptional service. The market leading manufacturer and supplier of filters,wire mesh and wires . H.H.W.C

Hengshui Heli Wire Cloth Company., Ltd(H.H.W.C.) has a strong desire for continual growth, working hard to ensure it has the right products, people and knowledge to serve our customers. Established in 1997,we have been taken our work very seriously to offer our customers the best products.

H.H.W.C products and service . All about meeting your needs. Satisfactorily and effectively.

Filter & Strainer    more..
Innovative, high-precision filters in world-wide applications
for automotive, electronics, aero- space, appliance,
medical-diagnostic, healthcare.
Wire mesh       more..
Variety of wire mesh for customer's choice, such as woven wire mesh,
welded wire mesh, expanded metal mesh, perforated metal mesh,
Polyester and Nylon Bolting Cloth.
Wire          more..
All kinds of wires available, satisfactory variety of grades and
specifactions. Two main kinds of wires, used for wire mesh and electric
resistance alloy wires.
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